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HIV/AIDS in Cuba

HIV/AIDS in Cuba

Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in Cuba

Drug-resistant HIV in Cuban Children

The Cuban AIDS Memorial Quilt Project

National Laboratory Network for HIV Detection

National HIV/AIDS Program Results

Occult Hepatitis B in HIV Patients

Febrile Syndromes in Havana Dengue Patients


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Table of Contents
Global Complacency in the Face of HIV/AIDS: The Worst Infection
Policy & Practice
Cuba’s National HIV/AIDS Program
Conner Gorry
HIV Detection in Cuba: Role and Results of the National Laboratory Network
Héctor M. Díaz MD MS PhD, et al.
The Human Dimension of AIDS in Cuba: Jorge Pérez MD MS, Director, Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute
Gail Reed MS
Original Research
Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in Persons with HIV/AIDS in Cuba
Carlos Aragonés BEng MS, et al.
Drug-resistant HIV-1 in Cuban Children and their Seropositive Mothers
Lissette Pérez MS PhD, et al.
Occult Hepatitis B in Cuban HIV Patients
Marité Bello MS, et al.
Lessons from the Field
Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness through Cuba’s Memorias Project
Carlos Aragonés BEng MS, et al.
Prevalence of Febrile Syndromes in Dengue Surveillance, Havana City, 2007
Otto Peláez MD, et al.
Ergo-Anthropometrics: Joining Fit to Fat to Predict Cardiovascular Risk
Alberto Morales MD MPH
About the Contributors
About the Contributors
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