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Chronic Diseases Revisited
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Chronic Diseases Revisited

Cuba’s Approach to Diabetes in Pregnancy

A Chronic Kidney Disease Mystery

Mapping Lung Cancer in Cuba

Sex Education for Type 1 Diabetics

What Predicts Survival in Hemodialysis?

Pre-eclampsia: Nature or Nurture?

Predicting Mortality after Head Trauma


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Table of Contents
NCDs: Can Healthy Synergies Replace Fatal Interactions?
Sounding the Alarm on Chronic Kidney Disease in Farming Communities: María Isabel Rodríguez MD. Minister of Health, El Salvador.
Conner Gorry MA
Original Research
Prognostic Factors in Hemodialysis Patients: Experience of a Havana Hospital
Julio Valdivia MD PhD, et al.
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Lung Cancer Incidence and Case Fatality in Villa Clara Province, Cuba
Norma E. Batista MD and Oscar A. Antón MD
Contribution of Genome–Environment Interaction to Pre-eclampsia in a Havana Maternity Hospital
Roberto Lardoeyt MD PhD, et al.
Lessons from the Field
Predicting Mortality from Head Injury: Experience of Sancti Spíritus Province, Cuba
Miguel Rodríguez MD
Sex Education for Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes in Camagüey Province, Cuba
Kesia Granela MD, et al.
Care for Pregnant Diabetics in Cuba: Achievements and Challenges
Jeddú Cruz MD MS, et al.
Are Increased Chronic Diseases a Potential Legacy of Cuba’s Special Period?
Gail A. Reed MS
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